Support for Research and Development Activities of Companies through a Combined Credit Product

Project basic data:

Beneficiary Name: KONTAKT – Electro Industrial and Commercial Ltd.

Project title: “Development of an electric drive prototype based on hydrogen-powered fuel cell power sources for the operation of small boats on the Balaton and rivers”

Project identification number: GINOP-2.1.2-8-1-4-16-2018-00625

Funding Source: ERFA

Project implementation location: H-7630 Pécs, Mohácsi út 79., 41481 plot number

Project budget: 182,645,128 HUF

Awarded Support: HUF 82,190,307 HUF

Support Rate: 45%

Project Implementation Period: 01.01.2019 – 31.03.2021.


Brief Description of the Project:

The prototype was based on the Stickl Yacht E-volution, a small boat with a fantasy name. The boat is built with various battery and motor power options. The most powerful motor option is a 15 kW underwater motor, allowing the boat to reach speeds of 20-25 km/h. Due to the special design of the boat hull, it is capable of gliding, significantly increasing its energy efficiency. The largest battery pack available for this motor is a total of 18 kWh of energy, consisting of lithium-ion batteries. With this configuration, the boat allows for 4-5 hours of navigation at normal speed (~10-12 km/h) and nearly 1 hour at maximum speed. Our goal is to replace this – the most expensive and technically advanced – power supply option with fuel cell technology.

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