UNIPORT, meter cabinet for boundary or fence.

Application area:

Consumption measures for family houses, housing estates, villas, offices, and stores. Meeting high aesthetic needs.


1 or 2 meter point, 1×3 phase, 2×3 phase or 1×1 or 3 phases + seasonal time of day consumption measure.

The material of the meter cabinet is: 1.4301 quality stainless lv=1.5 mm steel plate. The cabinet with basic settings can be opened from two sides. The side from the street is a separate DNO field which contains the unmeasured connecting point, the departing terminal blocks and the necessary fuses. On the DNO side, B type over-potential units can be easily installed since its place is initially prepared. From the side of the boundary the light-current providers are placed. 1 pc of 230 V IP 54 security socket is placed which is suitable for connecting lawnmower, garden pump, extension cord etc. The cabinet with extended setting can host entry phone or a bigger post box. The post box can be opened through a separate door from the inside, and it gives a flashing led light signaling new mail. In case of concrete base, it can be fixed with screws. The cabinet can optionally be delivered with 600 mm footing, in this case there is no need for concrete base. A big advantage of the cabinet is that it is suitable for temporary use.

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