Group consumption meter cabinet family (KFM) indoor solution from 3 meter points

KONTAKT-Elektro Ltd. has been producing meter cabinets since 2000. In the last decades, every area of production has undergone continuous improvement . From the start the focus was the continuous development of the meter cabinets which have been extended to design and functionality. When it comes to the exterior of the cabinets, we aim at meeting the customers’ needs taking the attributes of the installation location into consideration.

Construction: Group meter cabinet family basic types have the capacity of 3, 6, or 9 meters. The input field contains the fireman’s switch, lightning protection and other devices, besides these it has a community meter and power distribution section. Additional modules can be created by combining basic types. The consumption signs are provided with permanent labelling according to the consumption location. In case of three or more meters, an unmeasured power supply panel is added to each cabinet to facilitate the establishment of the branches (busbar). The group meter cabinet can be supplemented with light-current field, which can accommodate telecommunications, cable TV devices.

  • Condominium, houses, housing estates, electric consumption measurements
  • Installed beside a wall, flush mounted, in staircases or basements.
  • Valid system permission issued by distribution network operators/providers (ELMŰ, E.On, MVM Démász, Émász)
  • Fully documented
  • Individual configuration
  • Easy to assemble
  • competitive price
  • Designer assistance
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