Control- Motion- Interface are the three main keywords which could best feature the German Motrona GmbH company which has been key player in the industrial automation for over 25 years. They are involved in unique electronic measuring devices, signal converters, as well as process and motion controllers.

What makes this company different from its competitors is the new, innovative solutions . They offer a  wide range of products such including, interfaces from the very basic to the special, uniquely designed versions. We have been their representative in the domestic market since 2012.

  • Displays, Data loggers
    • Displays for standard and analogue signals
    • Displays for SSI encoders, measurement units (SSI absolute and SSI incremental)
    • Frequency meters
    • Electronic Counters
    • Timers
  • Positioning and speed monitor
  • Signal converters
    • Frequency
    • Analog
    • SSI
    • Synchronized
    • Incremental
    • RS422
    • TTL, HTL
    • Signal splitters, signal multipliers
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