Founded in 1982, our company is a well established supplier among industrial businesses in the fields of electric automation, electric and sensor technology. In house-developed and manufactured electronic devices can be  widely  applied covering a wide scope of industry, including automated systems, production line control circuits. Individually developed electronic applications can even replace PLC controls.

Our in house-developed electronic products include
  • inductive proximity switches
  • capacitive proximity switches
  • rotation sensors
  • reed relays
  • connector units
  • time relays
  • liquid level controllers
  • phase control relays
  • twilight switches
  • electricity control relays
  • PLC connector units
  • cable whips
  • sensor connectors
  • unique electronics
  • development and production non PLC based control electronics
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We are glad to support you with our services in the areas of electrical manufacturing, design, consulting, development, robotics, or sensor technology.


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