Foundation year of KONTAKT GMK.  Founders: István Bánhegyi, József Bruck, Márk Istokovics, János Lajos, György Szűcs, Ferenc, Hirth.


Launch of our first, complete, 120 m2 workshop in the possession of our company. The first international delegations of our company were introduced, our products and services appeared in the Soviet Union, then in Poland and Czechoslovakia, GDR/East Germany, Bulgaria, Romania, and Yugoslavia.


The first generation of inductive and capacitative sensor families were introduced on the Hungarian market, developed and produced by our company.


The Austrian representation of German Schlegel GmbH entrusted our company with the production of electronic equipment.


WS-Cas designer workshop was launched. Electrical design which is one of the main activities of our company began improving as of this year.


Hungarian representatives of SICK AG, as well as the sensor technology production began sales.


Our new office building was ready as well as the mechanic and painting workshops. We expanded our palette of products by introducing design and production of electricity meter cabinets.


Founder József Bruck left the company and with Oliver Hirth as a head of the company, it became a fully family-owned enterprise.


The sales of automotive, angle sensors and industrial potentiometer systems of NOVOTECHNIK began, as well as the distribution of industrial potentiometers of CONTELEC began. During the building of our machines, we began using MICHAEL REIDEL company’s transformers and power supplies.


With the tender support of INNOCSEKK, we built our first 100W performance hydrogen fuel cell prototype.


We won the works of design and assembly of the electrical technology of the former NOSTRA Cement Bükkösdi Stone-quarry.


We are entrusted with the assembly works of the electric control panels technologies of SIEMENS on behalf of LAFARGE cement factory in Királyegyháza.


We opened our craned workshop hall, which is 1033 m2, including the upstairs offices and the social areas, the building altogether makes up 1600 m2.


We built the 200-300-500-1000 W performance fuel cell prototypes.


Based on previous customer needs, we extended Kontakt-Elektro Ltd by taking over and integrating Robatech Ltd (newer name KONTAKT Engineering Ltd) into our company which specialized in individual machine production and industrial cementation technological applications.


The expansion of the workshop hall began with an additional 1400 m2 at the end of the year, which was finished in the first quarter of 2015.


The premises were extended by building a warehouse hall where our central warehouse was established.


As of January 1, Ferenc Hirth senior managing director handed over the company’s leadership to Oliver Hirth following his predecessor’s footsteps in leading and improving the company.


The fuel cell development is relaunched. We began developing a 15 kW ship which can carry 8 passengers, and at the same time we began developing a 15 kW fuel cell machine which is able to replace diesel aggregators.


Our CAD-CAM 3D laser center type Perforex LC 3030 is installed, produced by Rittal, which is able to work on all five sides of the switchboards with one grasp.


As a result of one and a half year of hard developmental work, we introduced our 15 kW electric performance hydrogen fuel cell powered ship.