KONTAKT-Engineering Ltd. group deals with unique mechanical engineering and industrial cementation technologies (hotmelt, cold glue). Our sister company has not only served as a commercial representative of RobatechTM Hungary and its service since 1990 but also supplied our partners’ growing needs of special purpose machines, robotization.

Our mechanical engineering activities started with the improvement of production technologies of industrial cementation technologies, but recently it has gradually extended to the development and supply of other solutions without containing cementation technology solutions.

The owners of KONTAKT-Elektro Ltd. are active on different areas of industrial automation and they were awarded with the Hungarian Robatech Ltd. certificate in 2014. As responsible professional investors we are involved in development and diversification. In the light of this, as of 2020 under a new name KONTAKT-Engineering Ltd. we focus on serving the needs of processing industry segments for the production technology, quality assurance and automated logistics.

Our activities:

  • Manufacturing of special purpose machinery
  • Development, prototypes
  • Design
  • Production
  • Machine building
  • Control and sensor technology – PLC installation, test mode,
  • Data collection, MES integration, distant surveillance

Robotic cells, automation

  • Robotic cells (production, QA cells)
  • Automation (machine service)

Cementation solutions

  • Cementation special purpose machines
  • Service activities, parts

It is the strength of KONTAKT-Engineering that in cooperation with KONTAKT-Elektro, it possesses significant resources and works together with colleagues with great experience in several complex references to serve the needs and expectations of our partners at high quality, within deadline and at a competitive price.


Technological companies


Automotive industry

Health Industry / Cosmetic Industry:

Building materials industry / Wood industry / Furniture industry:

Jewelery / Fine mechanics / Optical industry:


We are glad to support you with our services in the areas of electrical manufacturing, design, consulting, development, robotics, or sensor technology.


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