KONTAKT-Elektro Ltd is a Hungarian-owned, independent business operating since 1982 in the areas of automation, hardware and software development, electrical design of industrial technologies, electrical device manufacturing and industrial automation for leading sensor manufacturer’ commercial representation.

We are seeking new colleagues who would be working in our  Pécs headquarters for the following positions.

Please send your CV with a picture to the email address.


Kontakt-Elektro Ltd has been owned and operated by Ferenc Hirth and Oliver Hirth for more than two decades and they have been continuously involved in the development of the company’s training activities.

In cooperation with the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce, the company takes leading position in career orientation, popularization of power electricity qualifications, qualifying electrical professionals.

Students or Kontakt-Elektro Ltd have the opportunity to learn backed with instructors with decades of professional and teaching experience, in a fully equipped training shop separate from the manufacturing units and can gain fundamental electrician skills using state-of-the-art mechanic panels.


We are glad to support you with our services in the areas of electrical manufacturing, design, consulting, development, robotics, or sensor technology.


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