Visiting rules at the premises of KONTAKT-Elektro

Rules about occasional visits

  1. Visits are only allowed upon scheduled appointment provided by the host and written confirmation of the host.
  2. At arrival you may only enter the building through the reception.
  3. Visitors must fill a Visitors Statement at the reception, failing to do so entrance will not be granted.
  4. Visitors must wait for the host at the reception. After filling and submitting the Visitors Statement, the host will escort the visitor to the building then back to the reception at the end of the visit.
  5. Admission to the depot of KONTAKT-Elektro Ltd. is only allowed upon the written permission of the managing director outside the reception area, the meeting room on the ground floor, the small meeting room on the first floor and the lavatories to these rooms. Permission of the managing director can be requested initially through the contact person.
  6. Handshakes and physical contact must be avoided.
  7. After using the lavatories, washing of hands with the antiseptic provided in the rest rooms is mandatory.
  8. Paper tools (documents, cash etc.) must be avoided.

Regulations about regular visits (goods transmission, services etc.)

  1. Arrival at the premises: In case of commercial goods transmission please wait outside the door of the goods issue located on the northern side of the main building upon arrival, please signal your arrival by ringing. Our colleagues will hand over the receipt/delivery notes/invoices of the ordered products and will give you further information about the transmission of goods and further steps. Entrance to other parts of the building is strictly forbidden! After receiving the receipt of the products, the physical transmission of goods occurs in front of the warehouse. In other cases (other delivery, services etc.) entrance to the building is only possible through reception. Entrance to the premises and other parts of the building is strictly forbidden! Food delivery may not enter the building! Delivery of food may only occur outside in the yard. The person placing the order may inform the delivery person of the rule. Payment in cash is not possible, only prepayment by card is acceptable.
  2. Payment in cash is intermitted, so we suggest our partners to use electronic payment options.
  3. Handshakes and any other physical contact must be avoided.
  4. Use of the lavatories has to be granted. After using the lavatories, washing of hands with the antiseptic provided in the rest rooms is mandatory.

Pécs, 1st September 2020

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